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Regional Stations

By suman - Posted on 29 April 2016

 Regional Stations



DalangMaidan,Lahaul Valley,H.P.

  Ongoing Research Projects Sumarry

 Current Projects At  Flowerdale Shimla:-

 1.Monitoring  variability in wheat  barley rusts&genetics of rust resistance. (Institute Proj.)

 2.Genetic enhancement of wheat and pyramiding rust resistance genes through molecular  approaches

      for northern hills of India.                           (Department of Biotechnology  New Delhi)

3. ICAR-ACIAR Network Project on Biotic Stress (rusts)                    (ICAR, New Delhi)

4. Puccinia triticina genomics network on De Novo genome sequencing, fitness, variation and

     pathogenicity.                                              (Department of Biotechnology New Delhi)