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By suman - Posted on 29 April 2016


About Us

Indian Institute  of Wheat And Barley Research,Karnal

Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research (IIWBR) through All India Coordinated Wheat and Barley Improvement Project (AICW & BIP) is coordinating the multidisciplinary and multilocational activities of varietal improvement, resource management and crop protection technologies across the diverse ecosystems for increasing and stabilizing the barley production. As a nodal institute. IIWBR facilitates planning, exchange of experimental material, monitoring the trial/activities, data compilation and documentation. At present 120 scientists from 30 funded centers and 174 scientists from 123 non-funded co-operating centers are carrying out the planned activities. In addition to this, as a key component of national steering Committee, the IIWBR plays a crucial role in formulating strategies to ensure sustainable improvement in the productivity of Rice-Wheat System. Adoption of molecular approach to complement conventional wheat improvement programme is one of the recent initiatives taken up by IIWBR through a research network project. Research capabilities and facilities are being strengthened through various network projects to enhance output of competent research centers under AICW & BIP.

 In the year 2014  Directorate of Wheat Research  has been  upgraded to an Indian Institute of  Wheat and Barley Research by ICAR.